What we do

We work as a team to offer assessment and treatment for young people with mental health problems

What happens when you arrive?

On arrival each individual will be allocated a key worker (a staff nurse) to work closely with you as well as a co-worker. A care plan will be completed in keeping with individual needs. Usually in the first few days a young person does not attend our education base so that we can take time to get to know each individual and their needs but as soon as possible attendance to education can begin daily to facilitate keeping up with studies.

You can attend some of our therapy groups and some activity groups we have available. Dependent on need a young person can also access an Occupational Therapist, Family Therapist, Dietitian or Psychologist. We assess this need in our weekly review meetings where we discuss how each individual is doing and the next steps to move forward.

We are a recovery focused team and our aim is to safely discharge young people with appropriate support. Often this is through our outpatient CAMHS team. We recognise how difficult it is to come into hospital. Recovery and safety are our primary objectives. In order to achieve this we will spend time with individual young people setting personalised goals to make small steps towards going home and recovering from being unwell.

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